Precision Tube Production - Services

At Precision Tube Production we are committed to providing a first class service, so contact our experienced sales team on 01844 463103 or email to discuss your requirements.

Whilst the majority of production relates to aluminium round tubes, we also have extensive fabrication facilities for tube bending, aluminium welding and assembly.

Tube Forming:

Like for all other materials, the bending and end forming of aluminium tubes is influenced by a number of characteristics of the tube to be bent, of which the most important are:

  • Alloy
  • Mechanical properties & ductility
  • WT (Wall Thickness)
  • OD (Outer Diameter)
  • OD/WT ratio
  • Geometry of the finished product

Successful bending and end forming of all tubes depends on the chosen process and setup of the equipment used.  The manufacturing of hairpins and u-bends is considered standard practice.
With decades of experience manufacturing for the HVAC, Automotive, Aerospace and Medical industries, PTP is well prepared to offer all the possibilities of bending and end forming of aluminium tubes

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